Official recognition for your achievement on PushCV Academy (formerly PushCV Learning Center).

Build your Qualifications A Certificate from the PushCV Academy can be added to your list of qualifications and skills and also can help you in promotions or even get you a new Job.
Boost your Skills and Training The PushCV Academy boasts of an array of basic and advanced level skill trainings whose certificates are sure to set you apart from other candidates.
High Quality Learning Our certificates represent the best of online skill education and opportunity to anyone who wants to achieve, thrive, and grow.
Accessible on-the-go Your certificate is accessible all the time from anywhere. PushCV Learning has expanded access to education for everyone.
Certified Courses All courses on the PushCV Academy come with certificates as evidence of completion which will be delivered to you physically to your home or office anywhere in Nigeria. We understand the need to boost and prove your knowledge

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Questions you might Ask
What types of certificates does PushCV offer?

PushCV offers verified certificates of completion. Verified certificates are available in all courses.

What is a verified certificate of completion?

A verified certificate of completion shows that you have successfully completed your PushCV course and verifies your identity through your PushCV account. Verified certificates are available on completion of a course. Check the individual course details for more information.

Will my certificate include a grade and/or number of credit hours?

No, completion of the course is evidence of passing the course.

Can I get a paper copy of my certificate?

Yes, You can, print out a paper copy of your certificate.

Can my certificate be delivered to me?

Yes, all PushCV Academy certificates are sent physically to their recepients anywhere in Nigeria.

How are certificates determined?

A student who receives a passing grade for a course will receive a certificate at the discretion of PushCV and the underlying Educational Institution that offered the course.

How are PushCV certificates delivered?

PushCV certificates are delivered online through Once course are finalized, if you earned a certificate you will see it available for download on your dashboard.

I lost my PushCV Academy certificate – can you resend it to me?

Please log back in to your account and visit the course page. You will be able to view and download your certificate from there.

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