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Road Chef

Road Chef


Lagos, NG

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We believe in adding value to people. We take very seriously the impact we make on our customers; internal and external.

Internal Customers
The Company recognizes the value each person working at RoadChef brings to our company and we consider it our inevitable duty to give them value in return, value which transcends a duly earned paycheck. In addition to providing training and competence to our staff, we certify that they are provided a stress-free and injury-free work environment.

RoadChef makes a sizable investment in the mental development of staff through consistent training and orientation.

We also provide health and insurance cover to allow all staff access to quality healthcare. We actively promote a friendly work environment full of positive energy, optimism and the audacity to reach for greatness.

External Customers
RoadChef makes and upholds the QSACCC promise to each customer we come in contact with.

We only use water and food ingredients of the highest quality.
We prepare all our meals and drinks in accordance with the highest standards in Nutrition, Taste, Health and Safety.

We appreciate the value of our customers’ time and strive to deliver them delicious meals to them in the shortest possible time.

Attention to detail
We pay the utmost attention to everything that affects our customer. From the shine on the shoes of our greeters to the way the fries are stacked on a child’s plate, we never neglect the little things because we know that this is what makes us truly great.

Everything at RoadChef is spick and span. We apply the 100% rule to hygiene. There are no shortcuts, no days off and no excuses. Every customer can be sure that only the highest standard of cleanliness is upheld at RoadChef and they make dwell in the comfort of knowing that their health is our top priority from the moment they walk through the door of any RoadChef restaurant.

Our secret ingredient is a great big smile! We preach cheerfulness in our work environment because we know that you cannot give what you do not have. There are always merry smiling faces whenever you walk into RoadChef and every customer can be sure of excellent hospitality and warmth from a team of workers who are only keen to share their own happiness.

Most important to us is consistency. We know that pretty much anyone can serve great meals and give great service, but what sets us apart is that we do this every single moment of every single day! The company neither take shortcuts nor allow ourselves the liberty of complacency. We know that great brands, like relationships, are built on trust and trust means remaining true, even when it is not convenient.
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