Building Assertiveness
Assertiveness is a skill that not only helps with marriage and interpersonal relationships, but can reduce stress and help you attain more balance at home, at work and in life. Learn more about assertiveness, aggressiveness and passivity, and see how assertiveness training can improve your life.

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Knowledge and skills that will be awarded by this course.
Why should I take this course?

This course is designed to help you explore and understand issues around assertiveness. The course will leave learners feeling more confident in their ability to handle others, and feeling better about themselves.

We look at how to be less accommodating and set clearer boundaries for others.

What resources will I need for this course?

An internet enabled device and a PushCV account.

What is the most useful thing I'll learn if I take this course?

By the end of this course you should be able to:
  • Differentiate between assertive and non-assertive behaviour.
  • Describe the rights and responsibilities of an assertive person
  • Apply some assertiveness skills in actual activities.
  • Plan a personal assertiveness strategy to use beyond the course.

Curriculum (Course Modules)

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