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Hope your week has been good? Don’t let the fuel scarcity get you down, Nigeria will be better.

Great news! You can now apply for premium Jobs (exclusive/non-exclusive) and Interviews using your newly enriched PushCV profile to enable you stand out from the crowd in the labour market.

When you apply for non-exclusive jobs on PushCV, we personally send an email to the recruiter introducing you as our member and part of the next generation workforce. This increases your selection chances by over 70%.

Please ensure you update your profile on PushCV, including your CV/Salary Settings (stage 3 & 4 elite members only), location, experience and other necessary information so that you can start applying for jobs. Every detail is essential to the employment process.

Important Notice: PushCV is currently recruiting massively for Union Bank of Nigeria. Click to apply (Elite Members Only).

Top employers have already started hiring elite employees, please don’t be left out, check your dashboard now.



PushCV Team

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

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In the days since the Batch 1 of the Elite Employee Quest, we have discovered that in order to give people a brighter future today, we need to prepare them for tomorrow – with the skills, knowledge and resources that they need to become independent and self-reliant adults. This is particularly true in the search for meaningful employment.

The recruitment processes are ongoing; jobs are shuttling back and forth on the job board and people are applying and being selected. Few are being rejected; but the “no” isn’t to hinder you,it’s a space for better development.

We promised the best, so we will help you become the best you can possibly be.

The Key to Answering “Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?”

You’re breezing through an interview  on the job board — answering all the questions about your work history and interest in the company with great examples; selecting all the responsibilities that have been thrown at you —when you come to a slightly more personal question.

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

What’s the best way to answer that to continue showing the hiring manager why you’re perfect for the job? It’s not as challenging as you might think to come up with a well rounded, very impressive answer.

We came across a video that will teach you exactly what a hiring manager is hoping to learn about you from this question and how to tailor your answer to suit.

Welcome Batch 2 Applicants

CONGRATULATIONS! You have been specially selected to take part in the
Elite Employee Quest 2015 (Batch 2). Close to 1,000,000 people are
participating in this program, so your best is expected.

For each stage you complete, you will be given an instant certificate of completion (for FREE) and your score will be visible immediately.

At PushCV’s core, we believe that if the best people are employed in an organization, that organization will expand and create more jobs for others; and this is how we distinguish our brand from any other.

So, please take advantage of this opportunity and make the most out of it.

We’d be back with more tips. Till then, please don’t stop developing.



You are an Elite Employee


Hello There! Congratulations for making it to the end of this first-of-its-kind online employability program. Your zeal and determination to complete this program have not only shown that you are employable, but will be very beneficial to you, now and in the future to further strengthen your career. In the coming weeks, we will expose you to opportunities for you to further your career, which includes premium job offers and interviews; including exclusive access to career content and empowerment programs that will add extreme value to you. Once again congratulations.

Have you completed the Elite Employee Quest?

Find out if you have successfully completed the quest here. The Elite Employees list has been compiled and you can search for your name; The list is being released in this form so as to protect the privacy of our participants.

What do The Stars Mean?

One star - You have only completed Stage One Two stars - You have successfully completed Stage One and two Three stars - You have successfully completed Stage One, two and Three Four Stars - Congratulations! You have successfully completed the quest. (You would have a blinking elite icon)

Candidates Who Have Not Completed The Program

Having three stars despite writing the Stage 4 tests is likely due to the fact that you did not reach the cut-off mark set for Stage 4. The good news is that you, as well as other candidates who were disqualified from the different stages of the competition can now login to continue from where you left off. The Elite dashboard has been optimized to give candidates their results in real-time - immediately. Yes, the login page is now open for you to have a great experience using PushCV.

Uploaded CVs

If you uploaded a CV for free in the Stage 2 of the quest, no worries, your CV will be approved/evaluated at the point of connection with the employers.

CV Orders

If you have placed an order for a professionally rewritten CV by PushCV and have still not got it, please send an email to, talk to us on social media or call our customer service lines.

Employees should NOT click on “I am a recruiter”

An increasing number of job seekers have been clicking on the “I am a Recruiter” button. If you are a job seeker, do NOT click on the green “I am a Recruiter” button. Please go for the orange button. HR officers and Employers of labour however are encouraged to click on the green button.

Job Interviews on PushCV

In the coming weeks, we will be adding more exclusive job interviews from employers who are looking for qualified candidates very quickly.  These job interviews are exclusive to only those candidates who have successfully completed the Stage 4 of this program (which is our promise to employers). Employers have already begun to select and employ from the pool of available elite candidates. In less than 24 hours, over 200 job interviews have been processed. Once again, congratulations! Best Wishes, PushCV Elite Team

The Elite Employee Quest Stage 4 Has Closed

Stage 4 ended

Hi there!

How was your weekend? I hope your weekend was as eventful as ours. And most of all, that you’re ready for the challenge of a new week.

The Stage 4 of The Elite Employee Quest [Batch 1] has finally come to a close; and I must say, it has been an incredible journey that we are glad we got to take with each and everyone of you.

Moving forward, we would like you to know:

The Final 5000

The List of the top 5,000 Elite Employees is currently being compiled and will be published soon. So keep your fingers crossed and goodluck!

Results and Certificates

The stage 4 results and certificates will be released this week. We crave your indulgence while we complete these final processes.

Uploaded CVs

If you uploaded a CV for free in the Stage 2 of the quest, no worries, your CV will be approved/evaluated at the point of connection with the employers.

CV Orders

If you have placed an order for a professionally rewritten CV by PushCV and have still not got it, please send an email to, talk to us on social media or call our customer service lines.

Batch 2 Applications

The applications for the Batch 2 of the quest will soon come to a close, so we urge you to complete your applications if you are applying and inform your friends and acquaintances who are interested in applying to do so on time.

To the people whose fields of specialization were not listed among the five categories in Batch 1, be rest assured that Batch two will address all of these other job categories.

And to everyone who took part in the quest, Great job!



PushCV Elite Team.

And The Stage 4 Has Started…

Stage 4

Hello There!

How has the week been? Thank God, it’s Friday, eh? But you should know, Stage 4 has begun officially! 

Apparently, only 4% of people who applied for this program have made it this far; and to those 4%, we say a hearty congratulations!!!
We have had several complaints concerning Stage 4 (mostly about technical difficulties experienced).
Therefore we have CANCELLED/DELETED all current stage 4 tests that have been submitted and have given everyone a fresh start to re-take Stage 4.
We are deeply sorry for every inconvenience this might cause you.
Please RE-TAKE YOUR STAGE 4 TEST NOW if you have done yours already.
Your Stage 3 result and your certificate of completion are now also available.
Stage 4 will close on Friday, 24th April, 2015.
NB: Please ensure you LOG OUT first and then LOG IN again before you re-take or start your test.
Click HERE to Begin
Please not that the PushCV website will be undergoing a general maintenance on SUNDAY, 19th from 12:30AM - 11:59PM.
Click HERE to TAKE/RE-TAKE your Test NOW!!  
Thank you for your patience and good luck!
Great Job so far,

PushCV Elite Team.

The Elite Quest Stage 3: Note To Our Users

Hello There!

It’s been a great week, hasn’t it? Many of you have completed your Stage 3 and we have got your feedback, and complaints. And we have heard you. So, we are going to clear some of them up.

Here are some important things to note: ‪#‎EliteQuest‬

If you’re still having issues with stage 2 completion, that is the confirmation of your payment, please send an email now to or place a call to our customer care lines so it can be fixed.

If your Stage 2 rewritten CV by PushCV has errors in it that you wish to correct, please hold on until tomorrow to start lodging your complaints.

Stage 3 has been extended till MIDNIGHT TODAY to accommodate all those that have been having issues, or placed on hold, after which Stage 4 will begin.

If you uploaded your CV for FREE during stage 2, be rest assured that you are well on course and it will be approved eventually.

PushCV Ask, a first-of-its-kind career service in Nigeria launched exclusively for the Members of PushCV, is a forum where PushCV members can ask  and answer pertinent career-related questions among each other. Try it today.

People whose fields of specialization were not listed among the five categories have complained about having many challenges while attempting the Stage 3 questions, so we would like to say that for the Batch One of the quest, we only had 5 categories available because those were the 5 most demanded categories in the job market. Be rest assured that Batch two will address all of these other job categories.

Most importantly, once stage 4 starts, persons who are yet to complete stage 3 or have been disqualified will have to wait for Batch 2 to continue in the program.

Your payment has to be confirmed for you to move to stage 3, if it hasn’t, once again, you have till Midnight Today to ensure that that is done.

But to everyone, Great job so far!



PushCV Elite Team.



Employment in Nigeria has become one of the most talked about topics on social media, and indeed everywhere. A lot of companies have been working hard to combat this problem as well as remain in healthy competition. One such companies is Leadpath Nigeria-funded startup, PushCV.

PushCV is a company that connects pre-screened candiates with organizations or employers that need their services. And as of today, the PushCV site has become the most visited job platform in Africa with an estimated 1.7 million visits in March 2015; as opposed to 579,000 in February of 2015. This is a giant leap for the startup that was officially launched in October of last year.


Closely following PushCV, is, ranked 88 in South Africa with 1.2 million visits in March 2015; and not too far behind is Jobberman. According to Similar Web, PushCV is ranked 89 in Nigeria, very close to biggest competitor Jobberman who rank 76 in Nigeria.

The PushCV Elite Employee Quest 2015 is now in the final days of the Stage 3 and stage 4 would begin soon.

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