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Information Technology & Services

London, GB

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PrognoStore is a 3-in-1 Cloud Based Solution combining Point-of-Sale, Inventory and Analytics. Developed to make running your business easy and stress-free. It's a beautiful software that's simple to use but powerful enough to be all you need to run your store.
It's always been about small business

The vision has always been to streamline the way small businesses operate. PrognoStore is simplifying complex business processes and enabling the Small Business owner to be as effective and efficient as possible. This is what PrognoStore is all about!

We have learned from, partnered with, analysed and dissected dozens of small businesses in order to understand some of the key challenges that are continually arising. We now help them with simple and cost effective business tools and systems to better run their businesses.

From the minds of three Partners to a diverse team made up of brilliant Engineers, Business Analysts and Sales & Marketing Executives. Prognostore is made up of a geographically dispersed team based in New Jersey, London and Lagos.

All operating with the singular aim of creating a best in class combined POS, Inventory Management and Analytics system that will help every Small Business owner manage their stores seamlessly.
What's in a name?

Why call it PrognoStore? The first part of the name ‘Progno' comes from Prognosis; to predict or forecast the probable outcome of a situation or event. Good business decisions are made on the back of good data. So it's simple... PrognoStore gives the right insight into your business to enable good decision making.

The second part, ‘Store' can mean to keep or refers to a physical or virtual location where you store your goods.

Putting them all together, our name and ethos is simply, gaining a clear understanding (Prognosis) of your store (Sales and Inventory) in order to make better business decisions to grow your business.
Love to work in an exciting team?

PrognoStore is growing! So, if you're passionate about helping small retail businesses like we are, you might be interested to know that we would love to have you on board! Why not head over to our careers page to learn about some of the opportunities we have at PrognoStore.
Retail business owner?

Quite simply - PrognoStore was developed for you. Test us out for yourself completely free of charge and learn how PrognoStore can make running your store simple and exciting again.
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