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What is Elite Employee Quest?

The Elite Employee Quest is a FREE initiative of PushCV, in partnership with some top organizations, with a vision aimed at searching out the best talents from the labour market and placing them in top organizations.

This Program consists of Tests and Assessments that will test/measure your Employability to enable easy connection to Employers and Recruitment agencies.

Who's Involved?

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Why should I Apply?
  • Firstly, Job seekers, even the qualified ones, find it very difficult to find the right jobs because of the overwhelming volume of competition and a lack of knowledge of how/where to send their CVs.
  • Secondly, the employers say that they have jobs available, but most of the job applications they receive are not up to standard and going through the piles of applications looking for qualified candidates takes up a lot of time and money.

My Benefits
Quick Placements
On completion of this program, you will be given direct access to exclusive Jobs and Interviews from top organizations.
Participating in this program gives you a verifiable certificate of completion that you can take anywhere.
If you apply for the Elite program, you can prove to employers that you have what it takes to add value.
People who complete this program will be advertised on National newspapers and popular media across Nigeria...Coming soon