Numerical Series
Numerical series tests present numerical sequences that follow a logical rule which is based on elementary arithmetic. An initial sequence is given from which the rule is to be deduced. You are then asked to predict the next number that obeys the rule. The difficulty level of these questions can increase in two ways; first, the logic behind the sequence becomes less trivial and demands attention and creativity; second, the missing number can be positioned at an early stage, thus preventing you from deciphering the hidden rule by looking only at the previous numbers in the sequence.

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Why should I take this course?

This course will help you in Numerical Reasoning for Job application tests and assessments. Numerical series tests are used during many recruitment processes to test the potential employee's skills. They are also used as part of certain IQ tests. Most aptitude tests set by employers contain Numerical series tests and  the time constraints are usually quite small and so you will need to practice in order to get used to the way in which they operate.

What resources will I need for this course?

An internet enabled device and a PushCV account.

What is the most useful thing I'll learn if I take this course?

From taking this course you gain the biggest improvement in your numerical skills. Like any other skill, sequential reasoning can be practiced and with practice you will see these skills develop. Although it is commonly thought that the sequence tests are easy, we would invite people to try our sequence tests and see their personal results in our results area and judge for themselves. The aptitude tests that you will undergo will usually start with some easier examples and then become progressively harder. The tests are almost always timed and so you need to practice to ensure that you can complete the test in the allotted time.

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