Overcoming Sales Objections
Everyone who works in sales will run into sales objections. From retail employees on the sales floor to sales executives, people at every level of the business need to learn how to overcome sales objections. With the right training, it is possible to turn objections into opportunities.

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Why should I take this course?

 Investing in sales objection training will help improve sales and the company’s bottom line.

What resources will I need for this course?

A PushCV account, an internet enabled device and a notepad 

What is the most useful thing I'll learn if I take this course?

  • Understand the factors that contribute to customer objections.
  • Define different objections.
  • Recognize different strategies to overcome objections.
  • Identify the real objections.
  • Find points of interest.
  • Learn how to deflate objections and close the sale.

Curriculum (Course Modules)

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