Introducing PushCV…You’ll Love Us. I promise

PushCV…Ours is like the story of the mustard seed, really. Or ‘started from the bottom’, depending on how you want to see it.

4 months ago, Somto started something he probably didn’t know would get this big. Our operations were from another company’s office in Ogba, with a man power of 1. Yes, you heard right. One. And then it began. CVs pouring in from across Nigeria, manual rewriting and approval, of course. We can’t begin to tell you about the journey. Well actually, we can. That’s what this post is about.

All night programming was inevitable. Rewriting CVs that read like novels. Approving 100 CVs, refreshing the page and seeing 300 more. Pushing at least 1000 CVs everyday. Treating each CV like it was our own. We never shied away from hard work but, boy was it hard.

Significantly increased man power after, PushCV is bigger, better and more committed than ever. Because we saw a need, one people didn’t even know they had, but a need nonetheless, we are still here today. Not that we don’t have competition, we do. But as long as we keep the well-being and improvement of our users at heart, we will be here for a long time.

In subsequent posts, you will meet our awesome team and learn far more than you expected. You’ll love us, I promise.


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