6 PushCV Tips to JumpStart your Career

Hi Everyone,

We hope the weekend was great. Looking forward to an amazing week. To start your week, PushCV is giving you 6 foolproof tips that can help you boost your career:

  1. Write a Great CV
  2. Write a great Cover letter

Lucky you. PushCV offers great CV and Cover letters at cheap prices. https://www.pushcv.com/rewritecv

  1. Take a class: Once you begin to identify the route you’d like to follow—whether it’s trying something new or getting back up to speed in your previous field—you may need to do some course work to make it happen.
  2. Use Career Services: Use career services to find vacancies that fit your preferences.

Again, aren’t you in luck? PushCV offers comprehensive career services, including a brand new learning centre that will attend to your skill learning needs, soon.

  1. Clean Up Your Digital Dirt: Corporate recruiters constantly search social networking sites to identify likely candidates, and also to gain greater insight into candidates they have already identified. So it’s time to clean up all your social networking profiles and remove any once-funny photographs or posts.
  2. Define Your Strengths: Sometimes the best thing to do is sit down with a piece of paper and write down all the things you think are your strengths. Once you’ve written them down, put a number (1-10) next to each time to show how confident you are in these areas.

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