Why do we believe that CVs are so crucial –at certain points in our lives? When we feel that we need one (or that we need to update our own), there is an almost manic sense of it being “mission critical” – the first thing that we ought to be doing.

PushCV allows you to bring out every good thing about your CV. No matter how little.

What’s a CV good for?

What is your CV to you? What does it represent? Why is so used? Who uses it and for what reasons? Our experiences of CVs make us equipped to answer these questions.

CVs are important. They have become a passport, so to speak. Why do you need your CV to be your entry ticket to a job?

Admission for one

The first answer is that the recruitment agencies need it. We need it. Whether we are dealing with high street recruitment agencies, selectors handling newspaper/online advertisements or head-hunters working in the shadows, CV are the entry tickets to these interviews. If you haven’t got one, how will you get shortlisted? CVs are our currency.

Your CVs work for PushCV in a transactional way. Our job is to match a job spec from an employing organisation with the CV of an individual who can do the job. It is a paper marriage – imagine job specs flying through the air in search of the “ideal” CV. When you boil it down, that is what the recruitment process is. Send me over the CVs that you have got, they say to us, and we’ll let you know who we want to see.

What do we do with it?

So what happens to your CV if you give it to us? We receive your CV and place it in our database. We will manipulate it for word search and it will be sent when a “relevant” role appears. Relevance is based on your job preferences and your qualifications, which appear mostly, on your CV.

Needle in a haystack

Our recruitment process is driven by basic, measured data points – have you done a job that is titled similar to one that the recruiter is matching? This is why PushCV is well equipped to fulfil your recruiting needs. We deal with these CVs in a human manner. Like we are talking to you.

Bottom line

Your CV is your own personal passport. It is part of a back story rich in variety, experience and skill and a great indicator of your potential. You should guard it – only trust it with those that will not abuse it. And that, my friends, is the PUSHCV PROMISE.


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